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Hi, I'm Kevin!

I grew up in a small town in Maryland called Pasadena. We always called it the "Pasadena Bubble". It was the type of town where people were born there, raised there, and died there.

I decided that that was not going to be my story!

My  story is more vast, connected, and EXCITING! I moved to Los Angeles in  my early 20's (as if that was so long ago - right?) A month into putting  my bags on the floor of my friend's apartment I found myself on the set  of "Glee", doing background work. It was then when I realized how in  love with film and TV I was.

Today,  I've booked several national commercials, I've guest starred on the TV  show OUTSOURCED (an NBC production), been a host on red carpets for  major Hollywood movie premieres, and I am currently hosting the hit  podcast "LGBT Stories" which can be found on iTunes and many other  podcast platforms.

I  strongly believe in principals before personalities, and that  positivity breeds positivity. With that said, I look forward to meeting  you! I'm always available via call/text/email 24/7!

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